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Oh, c'mon. If you were a lily-white reporter, used to first class travel and accomodations, and afraid of actually being within strangling distance of the people that you pretend to care about, would you go to Detroit? Slums are good enough to Community Organizers, but not for journalists. Now, if the Obama-wannabes were meeting in NYC or Los Angeles (or, ideally, the French Riviera or a private island somewhere) the media would be all over it.

"Oh, waiter! Another one of these lovely umbrella drinks, por favor, and put it on my expense acount. No, no tip. You made me wait for almost a minute! Oh, all right, here's a quarter. Don't spend it all in one place... Now, where was I? Oh yes, we must maintain our solidarity with working people of color..."

Detroit is like any other 3rd world city. We have a safe area, where all the casinos, stadiums, hotels, convention spaces are located, and the cops all make pretty secure. One can go gambling, see a Tiger game, eat dinner in greektown and stay overnight at the Renaissance Center and be completely safe the whole time. I know lawyers and doctors who live in high-rise condo complexes downtown, because you can get a good deal on them and the cops patrol that area.

Then there's the rest of the city. Even that is not as dangerous as one might think. I've lived and worked here for 23 years, and lived in the city for 12 of them (in a neighborhood, not a downtown high rise). I've never been the victim of a crime. I'm careful, and I'm not involved in the drug trade, nor am I involved in a domestically violent relationship. Those two factors account for the vast majority of the murders in Detroit. No CPS or foster care workers have been killed in the city-that always happens in the out-counties, because the workers aren't as cautious.

International journalists are as wimpy about Detroit as New Yorkers are.