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  1. #1 Sometimes you just have to look those stinkers straight in the eye.. 
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    Sometimes you just have to look those stinkers straight in the eye..
    and tell them all to go straight to hell.

    I know intellectually that, that does not accomplish anything in the end. But sometimes when I skim by Fox News, or turn on talk radio.. and the out right lies.. just blatant lies, are more than the average person can stand.

    Then you get those crummy little emails (that the right sends in mass) and you just want to fire back to that friend? acquaintance? or God forbid, relative.. this little four letter message.

    Just go to Hell.

    Yeah.....that will tell them. When all else fails,call them names.:D
    Lets just paint some happy clouds over at the sunshine and lollipop land
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    I would imagine more than one Liberal would have trouble look anyone "straight" in the eye.
    "What this country needs are more unemployed politicians."
    -Edward Langley

    "Liberals are the type of people who go on safari and wonder why they can't get out and pet the lions..."- warpig
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