The thing that REALLY scares me the MOST about the California Gubernatorial election is the phrase, "Republican Presidential Nominee, Meg Whitman".

Having said that, you all should know that Meg Whitman has always been AGAINST the recent Arizona immigration law, AND she has always been AGAINST Proposition 187, which was a 1994 ballot initiative that prevented illegal aliens from receiving public social services from California taxpayer dollars.

Go ahead and call me DU Troll. I'm used to it. But I will always continue my fight against phony Republican candidates, like Meg Whitman, who are really wolves in sheeps clothing.

Want proof?

Here's an excerpt from an article posted on The Miami Herald website:
"....Whitman maintained her opposition to Arizona's tough new anti-immigration law and to Proposition 187, a 1994 initiative that sought to deny public services to illegal immigrants."

...And here's the link to an article called, Primary over, California's Whitman foresaking GOP right: