We're in the 2010 Season and we've had a June hurricane (oh nooooes!!!).

How do you protect your home during hurricane season??

When we bought this house it was touted as having had all windows and doors replaced with hurricane glass and to 95% that is true. Fortress Sarasota has PGT
impact resistant glass windows and doors. These are greyt as they are alwyas up, cut down on noise and heating/cooling, and secure the house from break ins. They also,
unlike certain types of shutters, let light in so your house doesn't feel like a tomb
during a storm.

Now, much to our annoyance, we did find that the Front door, back pool bathroom door, and the garage door are NOT hurricane rated. :mad: For some reason known only to the previous owners, they left those 3 doors unprotected. They easily dropped at least 20K in putting in the PGT glass but left the house exposed.

Well, we can't have that, now can we??? :D

We've contracted with a company called JansenShutters to fix this lack of vision.
  • They are going to install Accordion shutters on the front alcove and pool bath door.
  • We're going to get a garage door rated for +165mph winds.
That will get us to 100% protection.

Next item will be the backup generator...