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  1. #1 July snow falls on Mt. Washington 
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    Ignoring the calendar, which showed the beginning of the month of July, a dusting of snow fell Thursday on Mount Washington in New Hampshire, startling tourists and forcing the closure of the road to the top.

    "It's not extraordinary, but it's definitely interesting," said Stacey Kawecki, a meteorologist for the Mount Washington Observatory.

    Mount Washington, the Northeastís highest peak at 6,288 feet, has recorded snow in every month. The last time it was recorded in July was 2007. ...
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    I saw that story too...

    "It's not extraordinary, but it's definitely interesting,"
    That sums it up.

    That nitwit malaise over on DU is starting OMFG threads as soon a system of any kind forms now.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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