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    Quote Originally Posted by AlmostThere View Post
    What motherboard, memory and video card are you using?
    The computer has worked fine since I bought it. We had a lightning storm recently and I think my surge protector wasn't up to par. I can get the splash screen, but can't enter the bios, and if I access the post screen, it only counts to 1 mb of RAM.

    Since I'm getting a picture, I'm fairly certain that the video card is fine. Since I'm at least starting the boot sequence, the processor is probably fine. The only issue was between the RAM and Motherboard. Since I'm not getting a beeping, I'm guessing it's at least some part of the motherboard.

    I already tried reseating the RAM and CMOS battery, no effect.
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    A series of beeps can mean issues with only the following:

    01. ) RAM/memory incompatibility with the motherboard, defective sticks, not seated well in the slots or in the wrong slots/sequence. Refer to the motherboard manual to find out compatibility and placement.

    02. ) Defective video card, incompatibility with the motherboard or not seated well in the slot.

    03. ) Both of the above.
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    I found the problem.....................DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered the wrong ram. I ordered DRAM when I was supposed to order SDRAM. Now I am going to try and get it exchanged for the correct ram.
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