Six Degrees of Barack Obama

Are the Democrats and the American People About to be Mugged by a Con Artist?

Some Democrats are beginning to feel pangs of remorse over the candidacy of Barack Obama as they head to Denver. The presumptive nominee appears to be fully capable of snatching defeat out of the jaws of certain victory. Despite heroic efforts by the mainstream media to resuscitate Obama’s candidacy after he was battered by Clinton in the closing series of primaries, Obama is flat lining in the polls. This is not supposed to be happening. Conventional wisdom held that 2008 was supposed to be a Democratic year. How can this sudden reversal of fortune be explained?

Rank and file, blue collar workers seem to be resistant to Obama’s
oratorical charms.

Some voters find his angry and scary wife to be the political equivalent of the obnoxious reality television personality Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth.

Watch for the former Michelle Robinson to undergo an extreme makeover in the weeks leading up to the convention. More important, however, are the nagging questions that continue to be asked about Obama’s background and his career experience. Is he qualified to lead this great nation through trying times? Who exactly is this guy and where did he come from?

The Obama campaign is now plagued by his best selling utobiographical books. These exercises in mixing fact, fancy and unadulterated fiction would be problematic if simply available in print to opposition researchers, but, adding to Obama’s woes is the fact that he opted to record audio versions of the same two volumes. Americans can now listen to the presumptive nominee celebrating his enthusiastic drug use, delivering inflammatory rhetoric and reciting a string of racial slurs and profanities in his own voice.

Watching Obama’s flailing efforts to reinvent and market himself, reminded me of an enjoyable film adaptation of a stage play that I saw at the Lake Theater in Oak Park more than a decade ago.

In “Six Degrees of Separation,” a charming black street hustler inveigles his way into the luxury high rise of a wealthy New York art dealer and his wife.

He gained entry by claiming to be acquainted with their adult children who were in his class at Harvard. He sought the assistance of his friends’ parents because he had been mugged and stabbed in nearby Central Park. As the criminal had made off with all of his money, credit cards and personal identification, he asked the couple to shelter him until morning when he could safely check into the exclusive Sherry Netherlands Hotel. He explained that his wealthy father would arrive in the city tomorrow and he made plans to meet his son at the hotel. After bandaging his superficial wound, the stranger and his hosts ended up sharing a meal together.

In short order, the two sophisticated white liberals are delighted by the highly articulate young man, who claims to be the son of the celebrated film actor and director, Sidney Poiter. Another dinner guest is a mining executive from South Africa. This guilt ridden individual has remained on in Johannesburg in order to help educate and train his former employees. He asserts that it is his historical duty to help raise political consciousness among the laboring masses in post apartheid South Africa so that someday the blacks will be able to stage a successful revolution and kill him and other whites in the process. Naturally enough, this naïve character is equally impressed with “Paul Poiter“ and is eager to learn more about his thesis interpreting the J. D. Salinger novel, The Catcher in the Rye. Regrettably, the manuscript is unavailable (not unlike Obama’s undocumented legal scholarship) since the literate mugger stole the only typewritten copy during the robbery.

Bio of Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth.

Ties to the Clinton Administration
According to her official contestant bio for The Apprentice, Manigault-Stallworth was "a former political appointee in the Clinton-Gore White House."[6] In April 2004, People Magazine broke the story of Omarosa's unstable tenure in the federal government, noting that she had been "banished from four jobs in two years" at least in part due to her inability to "get along with people".[7]

The Apprentice
Manigault-Stallworth's stint on season one of Donald Trump's The Apprentice ended in episode nine, when she was abruptly "fired". Her only stint as project manager (in episode six) resulted in defeat. During the final episode, in which two finalists competed, contestant Kwame Jackson chose her as part of his final team. Trump complained that Jackson was unable to control her and added that he should have fired her.

Shortly after being fired from The Apprentice, she publicly accused fellow contestant Ereka Vetrini of directing racial slurs at her, a claim Vetrini denied. Her denials were supported by Donald Trump, Mark Burnett, NBC, and "The View"'s Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who had been on "Survivor" and stated that every inch of participation is documented, and that slurs like that would have not been kept quiet.

Eventually, Vetrini moved to put the controversy to rest by appearing on the Howard Stern show, where she passed several lie detector tests.

When Manigault-Stallworth was a guest on the television show Crossfire, host Chris Matthews asked her repeatedly if she would agree to take a lie detector test. She declined.