[Polish] Day of Solidarity with Georgia

"By joining NATO, Poland became a member of a military alliance, which in an efficient way, provides for its security," says Polish Ambassador Przemyslaw Grudzinski. "Poland gained security and confidence, which are fundamental for further development. Without effective and credible security guarantees, the transition toward more prosperous and democratic order would have been much more complex and difficult."

Law and Justice MP and former deputy foreign minister Pawel Kowal called for the launch of a campaign of solidarity with the Georgian nation. He said that red and white ribbons -

the colors of both the Georgian and Polish flags - should be worn by all politicians, media figures and ordinary members of the public. A Day of Solidarity with Georgia will be organized in Poland tomorrow.

Also, Polish Humanitarian Organization (PAH) announced it will provide aid to victims of the conflict on South Ossetia by collecting donations. Meanwhile, around 100 protestors gathered outside the Russian Embassy in Warsaw,...