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As I've pointed out before, Ralph, that is something to consider. The DUmmies think that CNN is the Corporate Nazi Network while many here think it's the Commie News Network. I've always found it pretty well balanced. That is not to say they don't pile the airways with trivialities at times, but the 24 hour format encourages that and all three of them do. It is also not to say that they are perfect. Their deal with Saddam was shameful. However, on the whole, I find their coverage to be the best of the three and their world-wide coverage far superior to Fox or MSNBC. For example, Amanpour's reports from NK and their reporters' incursions into Burma (or whatever it's called these days) were both excellent.
Fox has eaten the big 3 alive in news coverage and the rating prove it. Their coverage of Iraq is far superior to CNN.