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    Its that look of respectability SR....

    When I had my corvette I must have blown past cops at 90+ a dozen or more times and they didnt even look up. I woulda sworn I had a cloaking generator under the hood. There was one time I was in a real hurry in the fast lane, no real clue how fast I was going, and the cop jumped in behind me and even followed me off the exit. After about a half mile he turns around and heads back to the freeway. I figured it must be a combination of nice car, gray hair and the cop assuming I was a harmless mid life crisis type. Well, prolly helped that a couple times there was a young blonde cutie riding shotgun, lol. Lets hope my luck holds up in the SLK. Ummm, in both areas. ;)

    "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. -Robert Heinlein"
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    A couple months ago I was driving to work in my 15-passenger van.

    It was extremely windy, and I got hit with a cross-wind that blew me out of my lane.
    Fortunately, traffic was light, so there was no danger involved.
    As I corrected, I saw the blue lights come on behind me.
    I pulled over and waited.
    Georgia State Patrol pulled up, and this patrolman comes up to my window. I gave him my documents, and he asks me:
    "Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?"
    I kept the joke to myself, and said "I am willing to say that you saw me swerving all over the road, and want to know what is wrong, or if I am intoxicated."
    He says "Exactly! Can you explain yourself, Sir?" (he was so respectful for a young officer... must have been my grey hair)
    I tell him "the wind is really something today, isn't it officer?"
    He says "Tell me about it! My patrol got hit with a bad crosswind back there a bit!"
    I ask him "Have you ever driven a 15-passenger van?"

    He took a step back, looked down the length of my van, handed me my paperwork back, tips his hat and says "You be careful out there, Sir!"
    He was long gone by the time I stopped laughing enough to get back on the road.
    Well, that, and the fact that it takes a bit of patience to pull onto the road from the shoulder in a 15-passenger van!
    Social Order at the expense of Liberty is hardly a bargain - Marquis de Sade
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    I was stationed at Redstone Arsenal in Apr, 74. As some may know, Redstone got hit pretty badly by tornadoes that Apr. Forced to make a hasty trip to my next duty station, I hopped on my Honda 350 and took off for Aberdeen Proving Ground. On the way out of Huntsville I lost a baffle in one of my exhaust pipes, so for some reason I removed the other. I got a total of 5 tickets from 5 different cops before reaching Maryland. That was one NOISY bike.
    Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
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    When I was twenty I outran two cruisers and a paddy wagon with my IROC-Z. They saw me do a fishtail around a corner and tried to sneak up on me without their headlights. I even stopped at a red light. Ten years ago I had a State Trooper come up on me with lights flashing. I said, 'fuck it' and floored it. It was up in the White Mountains and I had my Corvette so I doubled the speed limit along a windy mountain road till I was a safe distance away and did a 'Dukes of Hazard' down a side road, pulled off into some woods and waited for him to barrel past me. Good times. I have a Chevy Silverado now and never set the cruise control past 7 over the speed limit. I even pick up hippies sometimes.
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