McCain inflates Obama celebrity more, raises sex appeal

John McCain's campaign will release a new web ad today that continues to portray Barack Obama as a bigger-than-the-Beatles celebrity but that also directly raises the matter of his sex appeal for the first time.

"Fan Club" is designed as a parody of an 80s-era album compilation ad, with testimonials from starry-eyed supporters and some conventional jabs at Obama.

At the end of the ad, though, there is a pivot to paint Obama as not just a celebrity, but a boy band heart-throb who makes the girls go weak in the knees.

Calling Obama "dreamy," the spot features a woman praising "the aura around him" and another the Democrat's "very soft eyes."

A man then summarizes, "Hot chicks dig Obama," before Wayne and Garth of "Wayne's World" fame are shown on their knees doing their signature "we're not worthy!" routine.