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There a demagoguery that a lot of us are afraid of. Obama looks great on TV and speaks exceptionally well. It takes a critical thinker to realize that he isn't saying anything. I once asked an Obama follower what Obama's plans were for the country and I was directed to a website that mostly talked about "Shedding the Light." When I looked for specifics, one of the "shedding the light" policies was to put government information on the internet. I remarked to the Obama follower that putting government information on the internet (for the purposes of making it more accessible to the public) had been going on for years, and that a friend of mine had actually been in charge of such a project for a Federal agency. I got no answer in response.

That was what scared me. There was nothing concrete in terms of policy but all this feeling. I think that's why older voters were just not snowed in the same way that the younger set was. I personally got the feeling that Obama was in way over his head and would end up being run by others in the end.
I also think that. It's frightening that so many people use no logic or analysis before voting. The "Change" mantra is alarming. Why can't people realize that change for the sake of change is ludicrous.

I'm praying that there are more thinking Democrats like you that see the fallacy of Obama. There must be, as Hillary did get a majority of the votes.