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    Quote Originally Posted by swirling_vortex View Post

    Now, that's not to say Ayn Rand was right on everything (I don't agree with her on the religion aspect), but she at least promotes an idea that men should be free to pursue their own interests (within rational reason, of course). I don't see the same coming from your political spectrum.
    I wish she had balance in her life and in her teachings - but she does have valid points that the left want to completely ignore.
    Stand up for what is right, even if you have to stand alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KhrushchevsShoe View Post
    Really, even enjoying one word Ayn Rand's drivel should be considered an act of incredible narcissism. She's a hack. Her writing is completely over the top, to the point where her books become parodies of themselves, and her premise relies on complete and total paranoia. Its fuel for the fire of insane people who want to destroy the government.
    Naricissism? One can argue the merits of her work as literature, or as polemics, but to say that to admire one word is narcissistic is just a tad over the top, don't you think (the question is rhetorical, as you're obviously not thinking)? Rand's work consists of essays, novels, short stories and even a play. Some of her essays are thought-provoking and effectively make the case for a secular basis for property rights. The Fountainhead is an exciting novel, whether you agree with her premises or not, and Atlas Shrugged has some great parts, but is overlong and desperately needed an edit (I have never gotten through Galt's speech at the end, and I've tried several times), however, given that she is writing about economics, she is probably one of the few writers who can make that subject compelling. Don't confuse her more extreme admirers with her work. It took me years to overcome my distaste for a group of rabid Beetle fans that I went to summer camp with before I could listen to them, and I still hear a particularly obnoxious girl screaming in my ear whenever I hear I wanna Hold Your Hand. Stop drowning the baby in the bath water.

    Also, you claim that I "worship" Rand because I picked a dollar bill as my symbol of the US when I was in elementary school (honest, I hadn't read Rand in the third grade). I chose the dollar because even then I knew that a nation's currency contained its symbolic representation of itself, and what it puts on its money tells a lot about how how sees itself. Most of my teacher's objections to the project were based on her attempt to pigeonhole me as a hyphenated-American, which was another reason why the project was apropos, the national motto of "E Pluribus, Unum" making my case for me (yes, I know that it doesn't appear on the dollar, but I also had a section on the quarter, the dime, the nickel and the penny; I earned that A+). I find it interesting that you see any respect for the symbolism of our national currency as a radical position, but the dollar is covered with the symbols of our nation, from the Great Seal to our first president. Isn't that worthy of respect?

    Quote Originally Posted by KhrushchevsShoe View Post
    As for Frank, he's an idiot to be throwing a fit over $1. Maybe he did it out of some sort of principle or something.
    What principle would justify browbeating some clerk for doing his job? The issue is not that he asked for the discount, it's that he flew into a rage when he didn't get it, even though he lacked the proper ID and was not a resident of the county. In short, he demanded something to which he was not entitled, and when he didn't get it, he threw a tantrum. Meanwhile, he has driven policies which have denied millions of Americans the right to keep what we have actually earned, and squandered on his pet constituencies, and when the people who pay those taxes object and question him, he resorts to insults. He is a hypocrite, and his conduct should be exposed, and since the media won't do it, it's up to us.

    Quote Originally Posted by KhrushchevsShoe View Post
    Either way there's few ways to defend that individual act.
    That is true, which is why you sought to change the subject. Because you couldn't defend the individual act, you tried to obscure it with a sleight of hand. Now, instead of it being about Frank's hypocrisy and lack of character, you get to play the homophobia card. Nice try, but it's an old trick, and it just doesn't wash anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by KhrushchevsShoe View Post
    However, to immediately attack his sexuality then dream up detailed depictions of his nighttime habits is so indicative of repressed homosexuality its comical. HEY I WONDER IF BARNEY IS TOP OR BOTTOM? DO YOU THINK HE LIKES GIVING BLOWJOBS OR GETTING THEM? I WONDER WHAT COLOR HIS UNDERWEAR IS? TEEHEEHEEHEEE. Of course that isn't nearly as infantile as disparaging the worst novelist of the 20th century and the bullshit she preached.
    The worst novelist of the twentieth century was Jaqueline Suzanne, although Harold Robbins gave her a run for her money, and Barbara Cartland deserves a mention.

    Yes, Frank is gay. We all know it, because it's pretty much the be-all and end-all of his political stance. However, note that you didn't address his conduct, but went on the attack against those who raised this peripheral issue. Your rant against Rand is also part of your attempt to change the subject. Sorry, but no. Barney Frank is a hypocritical tightwad who spends other people's money promiscously, but refuses to part with a dollar of his own money. As I said before, the only screwing of his that concerns me is what he has done to millions of taxpayers.
    Sic Hacer Pace, Para Bellum.

    Before you can do things for people, you must be the kind of man who can get things done. But to get things done, you must love the doing, not the people!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KhrushchevsShoe View Post
    Oh my god the irony. This board is so monolithic in its adoration of anything conservative and hate of anything liberal (in the US sense of the word) its terrifying. You guys are on the whim of a Sarah Palin press release, the most pawn-like of pawns.
    The "monolithic " thinking is regarding and applied to the Conservative nature of a site called "CONSERVATIVE UNDERGROUND."

    The defenses of Conservatives are not reflexive regarding individual politicians when they are deserving of negative scrutiny, unlike liberl's thoughtless and completely political defense of scum like Barney.

    Liberal weenies like you have a reflexive defense for the indefensible and reprehensible actions of all liberals.

    Look in a mirror for a change.
    Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.
    C. S. Lewis
    Do not ever say that the desire to "do good" by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives. (Are you listening Barry)?:mad:
    Ayn Rand
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