Bounce, bouncy!!Seems the DUmmies are forgetting to use the word "So" to start thier bouncies.
Hey SR, Hummers are bad!!

So, this is totally believeable!:D

Pulled up this morning to the local station to get gas ...On the other side of the pump was a Large (not Fat, just Large) Lady filling up a maroon Hummer (the big one).

As I was filling, I gave the Hummer a Look-see...the Lady looked at me and said "I'll trade you".
(I was driving my truck..a 2005 small Ford Ranger).....

Me: (Smiling)..Ah..thanks but I couldn't afford the fuel.
Lady: Tell me about it...This Monstrosity drinks gas like I drink Chocolate Malts!
Me: Laughing
Lady: This was one of my Husbands Brilliant ideas...the day he brought it home I said "What the Fuck is THAT!!"
Me: Laughing Much!
Lady: ..and something else..I'm sick and tired of people shaking their heads at me and frowning or giving me the finger.
I was thinking of putting a big sign on the side... "My husbands piece of Shit"
Me: Laughing like hell!
Lady:I was gonna' sell this "tin box on wheels" but I doubt if anybody is stupid enough to buy it.
I'll tell you one damn thing..If my husband EVER brings home some Junk Heap like this again, his clothes and stuff is going on the front lawn,,,,maybe Bush or his band of thieves will give him a place to stay.!
Me: Laughing so hard I was almost crying.

She finished fueling...said good-by and started to leave. I said "Nice talking to you ...been a pleasure."
Lady: Have a good one, Sir

She was a very likable person...
My Hummer3 gets about 23 mpg on the highway.

driver8 (1000+ posts) Mon Aug-11-08 09:32 AM
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1. That is a great story.
It's nice that she had a sense of humor about it.

I am surprised at how many of those pieces of shit I see on the road. I cannot imagine having to put gas in one of those things.

A bouncy inside of a bouncy!

GliderGuider (1000+ posts) Mon Aug-11-08 10:30 AM
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14. There was one on display in a nearby mall a couple of years ago...
I got some 3x5 index cards, wrote "How many miles to the Iraqi does this thing get?" and put them under the wipers and in the side windows. I then stood back and watched. A lot of people came up and read them, but nobody took them off in the hour I watched.

The best reaction was when a boy of about 12 came up and read it. He ran and grabbed his dad and younger sister, pulled them over and showed them the card. Dad read it, laughed and then spent several minutes in a serious conversation with his kids. I was too far away to hear, but it looked like an important lesson got taught.

PCIntern (1000+ posts) Mon Aug-11-08 09:56 AM
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5. did you get her phone #?
sounds like she's in the market for a smart liberal...a few around here might be interested. DU Dating Service