Tom Mankiewicz

The Creative Consultant for "Superman: The Movie" has passed away

Tom Mankiewicz, the uncredited co-writer of the first two "Superman" films and served as a screenwriter for James Bond movies like "Live and Let Die", has passed away at age 68. Mankiewicz had been battling with cancer, but the cause of death, according to The Associated Press website, is not immediately known. The website has a quote from "Superman: The Movie" director Richard Donner in regards to Mankiewicz's passing.

"Making 'Superman' was only possible because when Tom came in, he brought his sense of humor and brought those characters to life," Donner said in a family statement. "A lot of people in this town have 'the gift of gab.' Tom's was unique; there was always a true emotional center."

Mankiewicz did the commentary with Donner for the DVD of "Superman: The Movie" and was involved with restoring the cut out footage for the DVD of "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut". Mankiewicz's other credits include "Hart to Hart", "Ladyhawke", and the 1987 film "Dragnet".