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  1. #1 US Government in Massive New Global Warming Scandal – NOAA Disgraced 
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    UPDATE 8-10-2010: It would appear CoastWatch has removed the original image. Never fear, it's shown here on the right. Please see author's addendum at end of article.

    Global warming data apparently cooked by U.S. government-funded body shows astounding temperature fraud with increases averaging 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The tax-payer funded National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has become mired in fresh global warming data scandal involving numbers for the Great Lakes region that substantially ramp up averages.

    A beleaguered federal agency appears to be implicated in the most blatant and extreme case of climate data fraud yet seen. Official records have been confirmed as evidence that a handful of temperature records for the Great Lakes region have been hiked up by literally hundreds of degrees to substantially inflate the average temperature range for the northeastern United States.

    The web pages at the center of this latest climate storm were created by NOAA in partnership with Michigan State University.

    Disgraced Administration Mired in Another Climategate-style Data Fix

    Someone under the pseudonym ‘Sportsmen’ anonymously tipped off skeptic blog, Independent analysts affirm the web pages as genuine.

    In his email the faceless whistleblower explains that what precipitated the scoop was “a rather dubious report in the media that the Great Lakes temperatures have risen 10 to 15 degrees, I found it was downright laughable.” (Just a few examples of media hysteria here and here and here and here)

    He continues, “ Prior to this report I would frequent the ‘Coastal Watch’ temperature maps for northern Lake Michigan. When this report came out it dawned on me that the numbers didn't match what I had been reading on the Coastal Watch temperature page.” ... NOAA Makes it White Hot in Wisconsin

    But our intrepid anonymous whistleblower wasn’t done yet. He pointed out that Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, really got cooking this July 4th around 9:59AM, according to NOAA and Coast Watch. It was there, at the bottom left row of the temperature data points, that the records reveal on that day a phenomenally furnace-like 600 degrees Fahrenheit. (Click here if CoastWatch link does not work or disappears) ...

    So asdf, how's that tan coming along?
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    Somebody is going to be eating crow on this story.

    As for the whole thing, I'm not sure about. But making a big deal about that 600 degree thing? Temp sensors go off all the time. I've been in locations were my sensor was reading 2000 degrees one minute, and 35 degrees the next. They just glitch sometimes. Pointing at that and screaming FRAUD is just dumb.

    The more I look at that chart, the more something smells rotten in Denmark. Where are the contour lines it's supposed to have? The partly to mostly cloudy shading? None of that info is there, but there is a legend for it.

    We all know i'm no AGW fan, but this story just smells like utter bullshit to me.
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