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    usregimechange (1000+ posts) Mon Aug-09-10 07:38 PM
    Original message AP: Scalia unhurt after he tripped outside restaurant

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Justice Antonin Scalia is unhurt after he tripped outside a restaurant in Providence, R.I.

    The incident happened Sunday just after the Supreme Court justice had eaten at an Italian cafe in Providence's Federal Hill neighborhood.

    Christopher Spertini, who works at the restaurant, says he escorted Scalia to the door and that a few moments later there was a commotion in a cobblestone plaza immediately outside.

    Spertini says he was told that someone had fallen and that it turned out to be Scalia.

    Scalia did not need medical assistance.

    A court spokeswoman says the justice lost his footing getting into his car and is fine.

    A sign from above that he needs to retire.
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