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  1. #1 Intense storms catch D.C. region off-guard 
    Intense storms catch region off-guard
    August 12, 2010 - 11:18am

    The flooding on Beach Drive was a real terror for WTOP's J.J. Green. This photo was taken while he was in his SUV. A power line fell behind his car as Rock Creek swelled. At the height of the storm, the water was 4 feet deep. His four-wheel drive was pushed backward while in drive. The vehicle's mirror is just 1 foot above the water. (WTOP Photo/J.J. Green)

    WASHINGTON - Intense storms caught the metro region off guard Thursday, plunging hundreds of thousands into the dark as trees and power lines came down and roads flooded.
    While the intensity of the storm has passed, it created a mess -- everything from sinkholes to closed roads to apartment rescues.

    A flash flood warning remains in effect for parts of Prince George's, Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's counties until 10:45 a.m. WTOP Weather is tracking the storm.

    Storm Intensity

    Just under 3 inches of rain fell at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

    Here are the rain totals from Thursday morning:

    BWI: 2.96 inches
    Rockville: 2.41 inches
    Adelphi: 2.34 inches
    Chevy Chase: 2.26 inches
    D.C.: 1.73 inches, wind Gust of 67 mph
    Landover: 1.53 inches
    Arlington: 0.69 inch
    Alexandria: 0.64 inch

    "These are terrifically intense thunderstorms," said ABC 7 Chief Meteorologist Doug Hill at the height of the storms.

    "At one point we had over 800 lightning strikes," says ABC 7 Meteorologist Chris Naille.

    While the rain is gone, it will be back. Naille says the region could see more storms between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

    "I think we could do this all over again this afternoon," Hill says.


    Drivers are finding themselves in huge delays because of the storm damage. During the storm, driving was described as hazardous by WTOP staffers who were out in it.

    "Deep water is the issue. Drains are unable to keep up," said WTOP Traffic Reporter Lisa Baden as roads flooded and then had to be closed. Some roads are closed, including Canal Drive at Arizona Avenue and Beach Drive. Sligo Creek was almost over its banks, reported WTOP's Jim Russ.

    A large tree cames down on Sligo Creek Parkway east of Route 29. anotehr tree came down on the Inner Loop of the Capital Beltway near Exit 38 in Bethesda.
    Let's hope everybody is okay out there. :(

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    My wife and kid are out there, in Columbia. She hasn't even mentioned them to me.
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    We got very little in Fairfax County. When we get a normal rain, suburban Maryland gets torandoes and floods. God HATES Maryland.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linda22003 View Post
    We got very little in Fairfax County. When we get a normal rain, suburban Maryland gets torandoes and floods. God HATES Maryland.
    I'm glad you guys are okay!
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    Global Warming!
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