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  1. #1 Spirituality for kids: a Kabbalah project supported by Demi Moore 
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    "Demi Moore goes 'round the bend',spooky crap from too many magic mushrooms ,what a team Madonna,Demi and Ashton all bound together by the red string of Kabbalah!"

    June 5, 2008 Spirituality for kids: a Kabbalah project supported by Demi Moore How Hollywood's A-list stars are bringing the cult of Kabbalah to inner-city schools in London. Is it sinister or safe? Karen Bartlett The room is dark. Giant oversized pencils hang from the ceiling. It's a crazy upside-down world full of crayons that are 3ft long, Lego bricks bigger than loaves of bread and huge geometry sets.

    Then there is the light. Demi Moore is on stage with two candles. She spreads the flame from one candle to another: “About ten years ago I was in an enviable...snip

    I heard it was their intent, but I hadn't realised that they had infiltrated British schools. I believe they work using mind manipulation,” says Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet, of Mill Hill Synagogue, London. He points to reports four years ago in The Times that former members of the London Kabbalah Centre had been subjected to emotional manipulation and financial pressure. Such allegations prompted the Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks, to issue the following statement: “In light of the issues which have been brought to our attention relating to the Kabbalah Centre in the UK we wish it to be known that this organisation does not fall within the remit of the Chief Rabbinate or any other authority in the UK recognised by us.”

    This is not a strange childhood dream; it's the Greenwich Village studio space that belongs to the designer Donna Karan and is bustling with a New York-LA nexus of fashion and fame. Karan, Moore and her actor husband, Ashton Kutcher, are present for this high-powered fundraiser.

    Madonna is a co-chair. They are all friends, tied together originally by the red string of Kabbalah, the controversial religious group that has now given birth to the focus of the evening, Spirituality for Kids.

    SFK is a global youth programme that is already working within British schools as part of the curriculum and plans to expand. Its purpose, it claims, is to encourage children to recognise their own goodness, see the light and have more spiritual powers.
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    It's too bad that the celebrity crowd is taking something that is kind of an interesting subject to read about (Kabbalah) and make it into some trendy cult.

    I'm not saying that I am "into Kabbalah studies", but I've read a book or two that referenced it, and it's kind of an interesting topic, in a historical religious sense.
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    I also have an interest in Kabbalah (as a student of religious history, not a student of Kabbalah) and this whole thing is totally warped.

    There is not one observant Orthodox Jew on the planet who considers this Hollywood idiocy to be "spiritual" and there is not one who would feel comfortable with the idea of religiously ignorant children studying the subject.

    Kabbalah studies are traditionally only taken up by married men over the age of forty who can demonstrate a superior grasp of the Torah and all the Torah-related commentary and who are willing to work under the supervision of a Rabbi. :mad:
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