Washington Post l N.C. Aizenman l Thursday, August 14, 2008.

Forty-two workers suspected of being in the country illegally were detained yesterday at Dulles International Airport as immigration authorities checked the identities of people entering one of the employee entrance gates.

McGraw said that although such large-scale checkpoint inspections are infrequent, they are part of the agency's wider, daily efforts to guard the nation's airports.

"This is a critical, sensitive facility so . . . of course we pay particular attention to it," he said. "It's one of the highest priorities of the Department of Homeland Security."
Hello McFly! The enemy is listening... Good grief

Advocates for immigrants, with the National Capital Immigrant Coalition, complained that ICE officials refused to grant the detained men access to a lawyer even though the advocates arranged for one as soon as they were contacted by some of the workers' relatives.
They aren't immigrants they are criminals. They didn't immigrate because immigration is a legal process, they jumped the border.

"Our understanding is that [ICE] has been interrogating the workers without legal counsel, despite the fact that an attorney has been literally knocking on the door to get in to help them," Propeack said.

Advocates, who held a protest in front of ICE's Fairfax office last night, were also concerned that officials might decide to move the men quickly to detention facilities in a distant state, as often happens to immigrants picked up by ICE.
Run an ICE raid at DFW or Pheonix and you'd probably have to shut the Airport down.