August 28, 2010 ∑ 0 comments
auntie zeituni onyango

President Obama's beloved Auntie Zeituni. Or James Brown. We're not sure which.

Itís been a busy week here at and in all the excitement we may have missed the heartwarming scenes of President Obama greeting his closest living relative at his $50,000 a week beach house in Marthaís Vineyard.

Whatís that? Auntie Zeituni hasnít been invited to Marthaís Vineyard from her home in nearby Boston? The poor old lady must be horribly disappointed, because we hear she bought a new bikini and everything.

Doesnít the President want his daughters to know their closest living relative? Doesnít the President want Americaís First Lady to spend some quality time with the Obama familyís First Lady? Doesnít the President want to remind the American people that his favorite auntie is the face of illegal aliens in America?

Some family vacation this is.