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    Please could you keep an eye on picture sizing when you post images to CU threads. Sometimes a picture is too large to fit within the boundaries of a standard CU thread width, and when posted, throw the formatting of the rest of the thread off, forcing every post subsequent to the oversize to match its frame width to that of the oversize, such that the reader must scroll left and right to read lines of text.

    We've all seen it. It's bloody annoying at times.

    At my request, Policon will now demonstrate:

    Yep, aaaaaaaaannoying, isn't it. As diddlyf**k.

    I'm sure I've even posted oversize myself, occasionally. It's more annoying on some browsers than others, but the effect is the same across the board.

    All major image hosting providers such as Photobucket provide resizing options to get sizing right. Pbuckt also have recommendation sizes for forum and email image sizing.

    Even Microsoft offers some rudimentary resizing options that should work normally, hopefully without blue-screening your PC.

    There are other freeware options, such as irfanview (hat tip Sonna) that will do a more specific job.
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