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  1. #1 Michelle Rodriguez: Inspired by Obama 

    AVATAR star Michelle Rodriguez said she was hesitant to sign on to her latest film Machete until she realised the movie was a symbol of hope - like President Barack Obama's election.
    *chokes on coffee*


    Rodriguez was not completely sold on the project about a revenge-seeking Mexican federale because she feared it would reinforce stereotypes about Latinos, , the Los Angeles Times reported.

    I was nervous about doing a movie about Latinos. I've usually stayed away from it," the 32-year-old told the Times.
    A pity the Latinos cant stay away, especially the illegals...

    "But after I read the script, I realised this is about a symbol of hope. It was kind of the way we felt about Obama when he was first elected, the American-born Puerto Rican-Dominican actress added.
    As opposed to now, when everyone and their dog is asking the same question" What the FUCK was I thinking????" :eek:

    The Robert Rodriguez action film also stars Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba and will be released in theatres on September 3.
    With or without the Vice Squad on standby?

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    Hey, one of my favorite character actors, Danny Trejo is actually the star of that. Oh, and I didn't read the article. What did she say that inspired her to go to jail?
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