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    I have cousins who were severely overweight as kids-as adults, one is still pretty heavy, the other one would never get mistaken for thin. Their parents are heavy and they always ate all kinds of crap and never got any exercise. I think if they had been taken away from their parents, they would have been worse off, because then they would feel like they are being denied something.

    My mom put me on a diet when I was about 7, because she thought I was going to be fat. I wasn't fat, I just looked like her mother overall, and she was fat. So, I felt denied, because my siblings were allowed to eat whatever they wanted in front of me. My response was to go to Stop and Rob and buy candy bars, which was worse than eating her homemade goodies. Putting me in foster care wouldn't have changed that behavior, it would have only made it worse-foster kids hoarde food in their rooms for various reasons, but most of them do it to some degree.
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    This is a complex issue.

    I doubt that "education" is the answer. Everybody is pretty much up to speed on the fact that overeating leads to weight gain. The problem is getting parents to totally go back to raw or barely processed foods so that there simply isn't anything snackable in the house. Few people will overeat green beans or apples.

    But it's hard when parents are working. The last thing they want to do at night is spend time cooking raw veggies and raw meat and planning for leftovers.

    Removing a child from the home because they are too fat will simply make that kid think his or her fatness is responsible for rupturing the family. Kids already bear too much of a guilt trip in cases of divorce or abandonment. Foster care for fatness is the fast lane to an eating disorder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JB View Post
    That's what happens when you make those kids stop smoking.
    Bring back Joe Camel!:D
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