Had the September 11 terrorist attacks on America occurred during a saner time, the receptiveness of this country towards any tenets of Islam would have been seriously undercut both in the immediate aftermath of the catastrophe, and for at least as long as those who witnessed the event were alive to recall it. Yet, in the face of "political correctness," rationality has largely been eradicated from the national conversation. In its place, mindless nihilism, masquerading as post-modern virtue, threatens the culture, and ultimately the nation, with an intentional commitment to stupidity that portends an inglorious national suicide.

Now, in a sequel to that horrific event, which is plainly intended to thoroughly and irreparably disgrace this nation, Islamic activists are preparing to do their equivalent of planting the flag on top of Mount Suribachi. Islamist Feisal Abdul Rauf is currently leading an effort to build a Mosque at Ground Zero, in what can only be honestly construed as a shrine to commemorate a successful military operation against the United States. Far worse is that, for a host of treacherous reasons, key figures throughout the U.S. are actively supporting his sordid effort.

In many ways, the entire Mosque issue encapsulates the monumental struggle between those whom Barack Obama derided as the "bitter clingers" and the radical leftists who have insinuated themselves throughout the political establishment and in particular, at the reins of power within the modern Democrat Party.

The cold reality is that militant Muslims possess a dubious heritage of fourteen centuries as history's most effective "community organizers," resorting in recent years to the standard Alinsky tactics of labeling all opposition as "bigotry," "hate," or "Islamophobia." But they can also be counted upon to employ far more coercive means whenever mere protest and intimidation fail to persuade.