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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba Dawg View Post
    Ahhhhh. At some point she sleeps and is only awoken by the mention of food or stylish pumps...or even sandals. I get it.

    Okay, I really don't get it. So, it would be really stupid of me to mention cheeseburgers or El Diablo sandwiches or something like that?

    So, when she is asleep, we can get away with ANYTHING. Nice.

    So Acky Acky Boo Boo isn't over the top.

    I shall retire now, confirmed in the knowledge that I am wise in my own conceit.

    Thanks Lurkie.

    I am Strong!!!!
    another one to add to my list of people who give me headaches
    I smile because I don't know what the heck is going on.
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    TOTD: Have you ever made a life-changing decision based upon something completely external and unrelated to the decision? If so what? And what linkage do you now see, looking back, between the event and your decision?
    I have made some seemingly odd decisions that other people thought were unrelated to the issue but those people were simply uninformed and I wasn't forthcoming. All the decisions that I have made that could be classified as "life changing" were connected to each other by a thread of unity and purpose. Sometimes that thread was like a strand of silk and sometimes it was like a steel cable but it's still the same thread. :)
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