And the answer is no!

There are some who say it should be free and paid for from property taxes!!! Stupid DUmmie!!

NNN0LHI (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-17-08 12:35 PM
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Should city shut off water if you can't pay?
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It's almost immoral to turn off the tap, says heat wave expert

August 17, 2008

BY MARK BROWN Sun-Times Columnist

When people don't pay their water bills, it stands to reason that the city should be able to shut off their water service, otherwise some customers would never bother paying.


I certainly never questioned that line of reasoning -- before I met Eric Klinenberg.

Klinenberg is an earnest young sociologist whose well-received book, Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago, dissected the shocking July 1995 weather calamity that left hundreds here dead.

While doing his research, Klinenberg came to believe there is something almost immoral about government shutting off somebody's water, in essence denying them one of the staffs of life.
demwing (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-17-08 12:45 PM
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5. Fundamental necessities should be paid for like schools
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out of property taxes. And that revenue can be augmented by a metered fee for individuals who use those resources beyond a certain cap. Also, those who use the water for expansive yards, landscaping, and goldf courses, should pay a high premium to help underwrite the normal water reuirements of the rest of their community.
madeline_con (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-17-08 12:44 PM
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4. I agree. It's a basic concern to aid foundations in the 3rd world.
Providing safe water, I mean. However, there are many who would take advantage of that belief and never pay. The condemning of properties due to a lack of water to clean with is another problem. But the city would have that power, also. Kind of a catch 22 for the billed.

It could be "free" after a hike in property taxes. This might be considered by the ruminators.