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McCain Is Not Baptized--That Will Have Them Shitting in the Pews!

Did you catch that last night on CNN right before the forum in a "run down" on McCain's religion by Dana Bash? McCain is NOT baptized. As a card carrying Christian let me tell you what that means: Remember Johnny's remark about being forgiven and saved? NO DEAL---you have to believe and be baptized! That's the rules. He even has that f**ked up! Now why would a person who truly believes and is that old still not be baptized---and a member of a Baptist Church to boot!! Point blank: Johnny is like Georgie, like Georgie's Daddy, like Ronnie the Dumb---they wouldn't know the inside of a church if they fell over it, so to speak. They go there for photo ops during campaign season (in fact Bash even talked about how he takes the press along to church). When are these Christian right-wingers going to pull their crosses out of their asses and figure out these guys play them and their social paranoia like a violin (and laugh at them behind their backs)!!! Let the word go out unto the land: HE AIN'T BAPTIZED!!!
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7. should he pull out now?

between this and his birth certificate in panama, the guy is looking iffy.

I think the mistake that happened for mccain last night is that any real christian could see that he had no unternal understanding of the bible or what it means to aspire to be christ-like. he said "defeat" evil, he has decided who is evil (only god can do that) and that they deserve to be punished, he is vengeful and holds a grudge and is dishonest. and now

he's not baptized.

buh bye my FRIEND
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10. I grew up Southern Baptist.

And if you haven't been baptized (at least once), you better be up for some eternal damnation.
What about compulsive lying TiT??

Mccain was Christened an Episcopalian as a baby and the last I read had not elected to be reBaptised in the church he attends now.