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Why isn't there a list of websites that moderators will lock? Why do I have to ask a mod?

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From the DU rules:
Restrictions on Linking to Other Websites

Do not post messages that give publicity to websites that have little purpose other than to smear, disrupt, or complain about Democratic Underground. Currently there are only three websites that fall into this category. Their addresses are not listed here because we do not wish to give them publicity. They are easily identified by their bizarre obsession with Democratic Underground.

Do not quote or link to bigoted websites, or websites that republish content from bigoted websites. While many of these websites are easily identifiable, some are less obvious at first glance. Please be aware that even some anti-Bush websites also include bigoted content and are therefore not welcome here.

Do not quote or link to "conspiracy theory" websites, except in our September 11 forum, which is the only forum on Democratic Underground where we permit members to debate highly speculative conspiracy theories. A reasonable person should be able to identify a conspiracy theory website without much difficulty.

Members are permitted to link to highly partisan conservative websites, provided that they are doing so in the proper context.

If you would like to know if a particular website is restricted, please contact an administrator.

If the moderators use a list, why not just publish it? It would save them time.

If the moderators make judgment calls, I would like to know their critieria?

Why all this vagueness; "bigoted" means what, exactly? How is that different from "highly partisan"? Who decides when a website is "conspiracy theory"?

Why do I have to ask all these questions anyhow?
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3. This might be fun.