Hi. I'm Grumpy Old Lady.

I'm a conservative American. I vote either Republican or Libertarian. Never Communist ... uh ... I mean Democrat. :p I am a veteran of the US Army. I'm grumpy because of numerous medical issues AND because of the state of the world. Damn Godless socialists want to bring America down and all the Obamamites are following along like mindless robots.

Ha ha .. my first post and already I'm whining about 'them'.

I hate summer. I love winter.
I love chocolate. (duh)
I'm a cat person, but have a dog.
I hate Islam (damn stupid religion). I love reading Fulton Sheen.
I hate when people say their denomination is 'the only way'.
I hate Obama (and his wife even more). I love Dr. Condi Rice.
I hate communists. I love TRUE freedom fighters.
(and those who volunteer to patrol our borders are TRUE freedom fighters)

DRILL DRILL DRILL!!! Dang it all!! WTF are we waiting for?
Oh yes, the democrats. (God help us)

When someone ticks me off I bite them and hang on like a pit bull.
It's very unlady like, but I don't care.

Depending on my mood, I find the DU comical or pathetic.
Somedays I find it to be both at the same time.
I do LOVE to make fun of them. It's a gasss gasss gasss.

This is me.
Love me or hate me.
Here I am.
Thanks for having me. :)