An old man had a problem with his shed getting broken into and one night while 2 guys were breaking into it, he called the police. The dispatcher said, "I'm sorry sir but we're very busy tonight. We'll send someone when we have someone free." Frustrated, the old man slams down the phone in anger. Then he thinks, waits 5 minutes, then calls back. "Police department." "Yes, I called you 5 minutes ago to report that my shed is getting broken into." Annoyed, the dispatcher says, "Sir, I told you we're very busy." To which the old guy replies, "Yes you did but I'm calling to let you know that it's ok now. I just went out back and shot the 2 guys breaking in so I don't need you." And he hung up. Within a few minutes, 5 police cars show up, sirens wailing as well as a S.W.A.T. van, and 2 ambulances. The old man goes outside to greet the responding officers. The sergeant, says, "Hold it right there sir! Put your hands up!" The old man says, "Why? There's nothing going on." "I thought you said you shot 2 burglars." Said the sergeant. "And I thought you were too busy to send someone to my house."