Thread: has this fire been in the news?

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  1. #1 has this fire been in the news? 
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    This MORON asks the question and then posts a link to the NEWS STORY!!
    Does anything say DUMMY more than this?

    ensho, you are too stupid to be allowed to reproduce.

    ensho (1000+ posts) Sun Sep-26-10 12:34 PM
    Original message
    has this fire been in the news?

    W Virginia Orders Chesapeake Stop Activity At Gas-Well Fire Site

    West Virginia environmental regulators Friday ordered Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK) to cease operations at the site of a natural gas well fire that has burned for six days.

    No one has been injured in the fire that broke out early ...

    you have to subscribe to read the whole article
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    Unbelievable. Even for the DUmp.

    Nice avatar, BTW. Now I want a martini. :D
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    1. Yes. You have a link to it. There are probably others as well. nt
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