Chilling???? But what about Global Warming???

FreeState (1000+ posts) Fri Oct-01-10 04:59 PM
Original message San Diego Homeless survey has chilling results /

Eighty percent of those surveyed last week reported being homeless for more than a year, 76 percent reported having at least one behavioral health issue, 55 percent reported having no health insurance, 37 percent were found to have health conditions associated with a high mortality risk and 36 percent reported being a victim of a violent attack since becoming homeless.

Twenty-five percent said they were veterans. Many also reported having an income stream. Thirty percent said they get money from recycling bottles and cans, 22 percent reported getting Social Security benefits, 22 percent said they panhandle and 18 percent reported receiving food stamps.

The canvassing effort that was done on the cusp of San Diego's season of colder weather involved 240 volunteers, 180 of whom walked the streets three consecutive mornings and contacted more than 1,040 homeless people. Nearly three out of four of the homeless people who were asked agreed to be surveyed, and 556 agreed to have their pictures taken.

The effort to identify and find help for the most vulnerable people sleeping on downtown city streets was led by the Downtown San Diego Partnership and the Centre City Development Corp. in collaboration with the United Way of San Diego County, the county of San Diego, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the San Diego Housing Commission.
Interesting...the Lib Press and the DUmmies are breaking a time honored tradition here!!! When a Rethug is POTUS, Homeless stories go thru the roof. But...when a Dem takes charge, they disappear!

Except now. :D Seems the MSM isn't willing to carry to carry this Presidents water for him.

Oh... and bobbolink is in this thread too, surprise, surprise. And she seems to have a new pic to post!

I know that guy!!! I threw pennies at him about 6 years ago. I never forget a face.