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That is the way it's supposed to work, but there are unfortunately many so called "Christians" who have done things in the name of Christianity that are really not very "Christian" at all. They give all of us a bad name.
Christians are human. Humans mess up all kinds of things. However, for every Fred Phelps out there, there are thousands of real Christians who live the lfe.

Along that line of thought, I heard today about a bike rally at a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Guts Church is hosting a Harley rally and a band (forgot the name) to raise money for work in Haiti. The church has already raised 1/4 million, but need more to support the church, school, and hospital they've built. They currently feed something like 1000 kids every day, but really need to expand that program. They also are working on digging wells to provide clean water.

Strangely enough, this normal Christian occurance did NOT make national news...though it might if Phelps could be convinced to protest it.