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    Not to mention passing judgment is actually a human trait among a plethora of many. If a Christian is passing judgment wrongly it is not a theological issue it is a human one. Christianity has had such a positive impact on Western Civilization. We enjoy its fruits but fail to acknowledge its contributions. The influence of Christianity on Western Civilization is a topic near and dear to my heart. I wrote a paper on it for a college class during the fall semester last year and I hope to continue to research and write more upon it. Ignorance is not an excuse to rail against the one faith that has made the most positive impact on history.
    Not to mention that most of these intellectuals that deny God or self congratulate themselves on their own wisdom are capable of enjoying the fruits of the Renaissance affects on our literature, philosophy, art, science and, religion because of Greek culture and Christian men. Someone is responsible for the the process of breaking out of the middle ages and it is not those that were Atheists. Some are too arrogant to look below and see the Giants shoulder's they stand on. They take it as...well...self evident that their unbelief in God is the most rational way.
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