You'd think all most people care about is that their doctor is a good doctor but nooooooo....

MountainLaurel (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-05-08 10:57 AM
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Rant and a question
So, we've moved recently and I am trying to find a new doctor, as I'm due for some routine checks and need to update an ongoing prescription. (One that my insurance probably won't pay for, but that's another story.) I firmly want to find a pro-choice physician, to ensure that dogma isn't going to get in the way of my medical care, whether it be gastrointestinal or gynecological. But because physicians, justifiably so, have to be concerned about some Operation Rescue idiot shooting them in their kitchen, it's almost impossible to determine whether a particular doctor is pro-choice or not. Even Physicians for Reproductive Choice does not provide a listing of members for the public. Planned Parenthood will sometimes tell you which docs they work with, but because my insurance plan requires I use docs in the hospital where I work, that likely won't do me much good. And I doubt the departmental receptionist who schedules appointments will have any idea about that sort of information. (And it's not like I can afford, even with insurance, to make 10 office visits to figure out who is pro-choice.) My strategy in the past has been one of eliminating docs from the "possible" list based on what I can find on the Internet. It's not pretty, but it's about the only option: Membership in the Christian Physicians and Dentists Association, out. Receive kudos or awards from a pro-forced-birth organization, out. Attend a Catholic church, out. Get quoted talking about how wonderful abstinence education is, out.

So, what are the strategies you use to find pro-choice doctors?
This is where dogmatism goes too far. No replies yet, but interesting OP.