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  1. #1 DNC Interfaith Gathering - Black Liberation Theology 
    Meet Jeremiah Wright in a skirt.

    Interfaith Gathering

    "Democrats have been, are and will continue to be people of faith - and this interfaith gathering is proof of that. As Convention CEO and a pastor myself, I am incredibly proud that these esteemed leaders from the faith community will be with us to celebrate this historic occasion and honor the diverse faith traditions inside the Democratic Party."
    LINK - Rev. Leah D. Daughtry

    Rev. Leah D. Daughtry is the Chief Executive Officer of the 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee and head of the DNC's religious outreach. She holds the same belief system held by Obama’s controversial former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    Below the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, a banner for slavery reparations proclaimed, “They Owe Us.”
    Who are "They?" Wonder what her stance is on reparations?

    Her eyes brightened when she recalled those demonstrations and the assorted groups that joined together to give them strength, just as her voice took on extra passion when she discussed black liberation theology and the writing of James Cone. LINK

    It was this writing that Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s longtime pastor, cited to support the sermons that led Obama to cut ties with Wright in April. Daughtry didn’t want to comment on the sudden distance Obama put between himself and his pastor, except to say that it pained her to see such a meaningful and private relationship come to such a public and distorted end. But she didn’t put any distance between herself and Cone’s book “A Black Theology of Liberation,” which she suggested I read and which relies on the words of Malcolm X to make its religious arguments.
    LINK Malcom the Theologian.

    Her acceptance of God’s call to lead, to make herself visible and to make herself heard, converged with her commitment to liberation theology, as she exhorted herself and the congregation: “I am on the rise! I am the power and not the pig! I am on the rise! I am the master and not the mastered! I am on the rise!” Her voice seemed to hold no doubt that she was carrying out God’s plan. “I am on the rise! I am on the rise! I am on the rise!”
    Who IS the pig?

    I plan on attending the event. :D
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    Leah D. Daughtry :

    She had a lot of influence on the Democratic Platform.

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    "Black liberation theology", hmm. I wonder how long before that subject replaces Social Studies or Math in public schools.
    Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll View Post
    "Black liberation theology", hmm. I wonder how long before that subject replaces Social Studies or Math in public schools.
    Judging from Obama's knowledge of how many states in the Union (57 and one to go), it appears Civics/American History has already been replaced with Black History.

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    She looks like she's related to Bugs Bunny.
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