You know that there was story in the news late last week about putting up at giganic Confederate flag at the junction of I-4 and I-75 in Tampa. It was going to be put on private property.

Two news stories today.

First is that the lawyers for the Hillsborough County Commissioners said there was nothing the County could do about it. It will go up if the people want to erect it.

Second story. On the way to my consulting office this morning the guy in charge of the project was on the radio. He said he had asked the Hillsborough County Commissioner to issue a Confederate Heritage Proclamation. He said the HCC issues several Proclamations every week on any thing you and your little brown dog can imagine. Because of the attitude of a snooty Black Commissioner the Proclamation was never even voted on.

He said that he decided to put up the flag as a protest against the County Commission being so goddamn stupid as not to honor the heritage of Confederacy, which the State of Florida was a member.

He also mentioned that he has all the money he needs to put the flag and he will do it.

God Bless him.