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Republicans Warped Logic

There's a picture of Obama with a blurb box, and Obama says:

Let me get this straight.....if Republicans vote for Palin because she's like them, or "one of them", that's good all American values, but if black people vote for me because I'm black, because I'm "one of them" ..... that's racism? Who made up those retarded rules?
Wow. So, voting for someone because they have the appropriate color of skin is the same as voting for someone because they have similar values and beliefs?

Why don't they just come out and say that if a conservative does something (anything) it's due to racism, and when a liberal is actually racist it just can't be racism.

Oh wait,....that is what they said.

Fortunately liberals are so dumb that they think they are making headway with this kind of thing and they keep doing it. All it is does is point out how liberals have nothing to contribute so all they can do is demonize and distract.