Good Lord!

Gilligan (1000+ posts) Wed Aug-20-08 07:46 AM
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My evangelical, born again christian, drug addicted, crazy friend left today

She knows that the earth is only 6,000 years old. She knows that her invisible sky being friend is watching over her and that I am going to hell.

It was a train wreck from fucking hell. I was in the 7th circle of Hell.

She lectured me on how abortion is murder and how Jesus really does care and about being saved and how John McCain was a god fearing man. She told me why I was so wrong for voting for the anti-christ, black man Obama,

She brought her loud, obnoxious kid and her two dogs over and she had one giant anxiety attack after another because she was trying to come off of prescription meds. She begged me to let her stay at our home while she detoxed from 30 to 40 opiates a day.

My two kids told her that God is a figment of her imagination. She told them they were going to burn in Hell.

My kids are 7 and 8.

I had to hold her hand as she cried and went mental - BUT FOLKS....

She made sure to tell me that I am a major fuck up because I do not believe in god.

The 2 days she was here was absolute HELL. She ate our satanic food and slept in our satanic bed and let her kid play with my satanic kids .... Her dogs ate our satanic dog food and shit in our satanic yard.... (I am an atheist - this means to her that I worship satin.)

Here's a good one, when my daughter wanted to watch "The Golden Compass" The crazy woman went mental saying it was a satanic movie and that she would forbid the movie to be played. Her kid was praying and crying for us all to be saved.
It was a magical moment and if anything has ever convinced me that these people are INSANE.... This one goes to the top of the list.

Last but not least - She called her son a HOMOSEXUAL when she was angry with him... BTW, he is 7 years old. She meant it in a derogatory term. My son, who is 8, asked her why she hated gay people.... She answered that "Gay is a nice word for sick people who will burn in hell."

If you think she is extreme, well... you are wrong. She is typical of their movement.

I need to scream now... My kids need to scream with me - They were horrified along with me.