October 22, 2010

Blumenthal and Planned Parenthood seek 'Worst of WWE + women photos'

A source this morning forwards on an e-mail this morning from inside Attorney General Dick Blumenthal's campaign for Senate, in which his aides discuss tarring Linda McMahon in cooperation with Planned Parenthood.

The e-mail's subject line is: "Worst of WWE + women photos."

"Hey all — Grossman is looking for mysoginistic photos of women and WWE. Planned Parenthood wants to hit LM hard on it," press staffer Marcy Stech e-mailed seven other aides to the campaign and the State Democratic Party. "What do we got?"

"Grossman" is the Democratic consultant Andrew Grossman, and the e-mail seems to raise the question of whether the campaign is coordinating with Planned Parenthood, an outside group.

Blumenthal spokesman Ty Matsdorf said there's no coordination and that the request was simply for an image that would be circulated on Twitter or in a press release, but not in a paid ad campaign of any sort.

"Her tenure at the WWE is offensive to all people, but especially to women," he said.

A spokesman for Linda McMahon, Ed Patru, accused Blumenthal of crossing the line.

"This is clear evidence that Dick Blumenthal’s campaign is 110 percent in the gutter, orchestrating a potentially illegal coordinated campaign to dig up dirt on women for the purposes of attacking another woman. It’s utterly appalling that this is what Blumenthal’s campaign is focused on while nearly 10 percent of the state is unemployed," he said in an e-mail.
Email at the link. Gee, a bunch of abortionists are trying to stake out the moral high ground by claiming entertainment wrestling is misogynist. Seriously?