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    :D Like Election 2000, The Wellstone Conspiracy never dies!!!

    kpete (1000+ posts) Mon Oct-25-10 02:14 PM
    Original message FBI investigated claim that group threatened de-icing equip when probing crash that killed Wellstone

    Revealed: FBI investigated claim that group threatened de-icing equipment when probing crash that killed Senator Wellstone

    By John Byrne
    Monday, October 25th, 2010 -- 1:57 pm

    Revealed: FBI investigated claim that group threatened de icing equipment when probing crash that killed Senator WellstoneFBI files obtained by Minnesota Public Radio published Monday shed new light -- and perhaps shadows -- onto the life and death of former Democratic Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone, who was killed when his twin-engine plane crashed in 2002.

    Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) published dozens of FBI files they obtained on Monday. Their series, titled "The Wellstone Files," tracks the bureau's documentation on the onetime senator from his college days through the investigation of his death. Wellstone was killed along with his wife and six others 175 miles north of Minneapolis in the crash.

    "The U.S. Department of Justice released 88 of the 125 pages in Sen. Wellstone's FBI file, and 131 of the 227 pages in his wife's file," MPR reporter Madeleine Baran wrote Monday. "All of the documents included in Sheila Wellstone's file are related to the plane crash that killed the couple and their daughter Marcia.

    "The FBI did not include 76 pages related to the National Transportation Safety Board, the agency that investigated the crash," Baran added. "A request for those records is pending."

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    And of course, the morons quote the morons at RawStory. :D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    How long before they dig up Andy and parade his corpse around?
    Say what ya mean and get to the point quick....I don't have the attention span to listen to bullshit...

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    So a group threatened the de-icing equipment?

    Was the equipment intimidated, or did it stand it's ground??
    I long for the days when our President actually liked our country.
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