Right now, RCP has the Senate 49 Democrat, 45 GOP with 6 tossups. Major changes are Boxer's seat has not gone lean Dem with her opening up a 6.2% advantage. Toss up races that have tightened include Toomey/Sestak down to a less than 3% advantage to Toomey. Even Rassmeussen has Toomey at 4% when he was up by as much as 10% just 2 weeks ago. Connecticut with Blumenthal v. McMahon has now gone likely Dem. And only 4 of the 6 tossups give an advantage to the GOP although those races are all but statistical dead heats. At this rate, the GOP needs to take all 6 tossups in order to regain the 51-49 advantage in the Senate. It doesn't look good. There will be gains for sure but it looks like not enough.