Political operatives in Nevada have begun making accusations of voter fraud and intimidation in the state's hotly contested Senate race, setting up the potential for a dramatic showdown over the results.

An attorney for the Nevada Republican Party on Tuesday alerted the Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller to a handful of "discrepancies" in early voting, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, as well as complaints from Republican poll watchers who say they are having trouble examining voting records they say should be readily available.

State and county voting officials said there was no evidence of any misconduct, according to the Review-Journal. An election watchdog group told the newspaper that the discrepancies could be the result of human error or glitches in electronic balloting.

The campaign for the Democratic incumbent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, put out a statement Tuesday calling the complaints from the right "a despicable voter suppression and intimidation campaign."

Reid's campaign also tossed accusations of misconduct at conservative Republican candidate Sharron Angle - also seemingly without any clear evidence.

"Angle's goons are also breaking laws with their intimidation tactics at the polling places, handing out literature to potential voters that discourages them from participating and taking pictures of voters as they enter polling places -- all in violation of laws that prevent electioneering within 100 feet of the polls," Reid aide Kelly Steele said in a statement.