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    Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said Wednesday that he has "reconciled" five discrepancies in early voting alleged by Republicans this week.

    But Lomax, appearing at a news conference called by Secretary of State Ross Miller to calm fears of voting irregularities, would not say how he has cleared up the discrepancies.

    "I've been able to resolve it. I know what happened," Lomax said. "But I'm not going to claim that at the end of the election I can account for every ballot. There will be unexplained votes on voting machines."

    Lomax said his audit of the balloting will be made public when he reports to the Clark County Commission after the election.

    Unsubstantiated accusations spread by both Republicans and Democrats are creating a "fraud is in the air" atmosphere as the election draws to a close, Lomax said.

    A large portion of the allegations are being generated as a result of the hard-fought, nationally watched race between Democratic U.S. Sen. Harry Reid and Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

    More important things at the link.
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