JFN1 (881 posts) Thu Aug-21-08 04:46 PM
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Tough times at DU?

The new advertising layout of the site is a bit...overwhelming.

There are ads everywhere. What happened?

Was the last fund drive unsuccessful?

Hey, I'm all for using whatever means are necessary to keep DU up and running, and I click on ads, even if I'm not interested in the product, just to keep the cash flowing for my favorite site.

But today I logged on for the first time in about a week - and had trouble - literally - finding my way around the ads to get to the content.

So - what's up? Are times tough for DU? Because based solely on the number of ads and their placement - virtually everywhere within the site - it seems like DU must be in very, very hot financial water...
Lol, oh you thought those donations went to the site? The rest of the thread is people telling the poster to donate, ironically.