Atman (1000+ posts) Mon Nov-01-10 11:29 AM
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This message of voters being "fed up" with Democrats doesn't add up.

Eugene Robinson is on teevee now, and those were his words; "the Democrats are fed up" and want something done. Okay, sure, I'll buy that. But how does that translate into a Republican landslide? Because the people who are truly "fed up" with the Democrats are THE DEMOCRATS! We voted for some serious change, and we got...well, some change. It didn't go far enough, and in some instances, didn't go at all. Sure, we're fed up.

The opposition was never "fed up," though. They hated Obama from the very beginning. They never were going to vote for him, no matter, no how. There aren't enough independents to make up the gap between GOP support and Democratic support, but we're supposed to believe that every Indi vote will lean Republican. Huh? Why? If Obama didn't go far enough for you as an independent, why would you decide to revert to the policies of the previous administration to make things better? How does it that make sense?

Further, where is there any logic in thinking ANY Democrat will now vote for the GOP just because Obama didn't give us each a pony? The whole meme doesn't make sense.

I know, I'm the eternal cynical optimist, and maybe still a little high on the Rally for Sanity experience, but I just have a gut feeling that we're going to hold on.

kestrel91316 (1000+ posts) Mon Nov-01-10 11:37 AM
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2. Never confuse the "message" with the truth when it's coming from the

corporate lapdogs known as pollsters and the MSM.

grahamhgreen (1000+ posts) Mon Nov-01-10 11:38 AM
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3. We get 3x the number on the mall, but we're not motivated???

It's so funny to watch them pretend reality isn't real.