The Top 8 National Races To Watch This Tuesday

2010 October 31
Chris Queen
by Chris Queen

To hear it told, the 2010 election stands to be one of the most historic in recent memory. And itís likely true. Two years after Barack Obama promised ďhope and change,Ē weíve seen just how little hope that failed change has brought us. Four years after the Democrats launched a charge against a lackluster Republican Congress, weíve seen that all a Democratic-led Congress seems to be able to do these days is spend money. And people are angry, fed up, and ready for something new.

The Tea Party movement has been a bracing force this election season, along with a general anti-incumbent mood. Many in Congress who once felt complacent are fighting tooth and nail to keep their seat, while others didnít even make it out of the primaries. The winds of change are aloft in this country in a way that hasnít been seen in generations, possibly ever. And thatís going to make this Tuesday a fascinating Election Day, not to mention all the fallout afterward.

With all that said, I present to you eight national races to watch this Tuesday. Six of them are Senate races with obvious national implications. For good measure, Iíve thrown in two House races that arenít necessarily of any major national consequence, but they make statements: one about the 2008 election and the Democrat sweep that went along with it, the other about what the Democratic Party may mean to a particular region.

Please note that I am not endorsing any particular candidate in any of these races. My intention is not to promote one candidate or another. Instead, Iím here to point out what is interesting about these races. I also donít presume that these are the only races that are important. There are plenty of things to talk about this election cycle, and, given time, I couldíve easily doubled or tripled this list. This post is intended to be nothing more than a sampling of fascinating contests.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride! First, youíll see the Senate races in alphabetical order by state, followed by the House races.
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