Not even a truck load of Grpe Nuts has more nutty goodness than this thread at the DUmp. You have 911 troofer nuts and the Barry birthcertificate nuts all wrapped up in one pretty package.

Bring out the rabbit cages!

jberryhill (1000+ posts) Fri Aug-22-08 10:22 AM
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9/11 Truther Lawyer - Philip Berg - Files Suit Alleging Obama Disqualified
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Philip Berg, the attorney who represented "Keymaster" Rodriguez and runs, has filed a suit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, alleging that Barack Obama is disqualified to run for president.

The allegations are a re-hash of the "birth certificate" nuttiness.

In short, he has sued Obama and the Democratic Party on the theory that:

1. Obama was actually born in Kenya and his Hawaiian birth records are faked; or

2. In the alternative that Obama lost his citizenship in Indonesia.

The birth certificate nuts are a special breed, and believe that a child under ten is capable of renouncing US citizenship by birth.

Complaint here:

Motion for injunction here:

For those with Pacer access, the case is 08cv4083 in the EDPA.

(If someone wants to put those .pdf's on a better file sharing service, please do)