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    Quote Originally Posted by Wei Wu Wei View Post
    Levying taxes is perfectly legal and there is nothing explicitly written in the constitution specifically at which rates taxes will be collected.

    it's like this for a reason.

    WHO'S definition should we use when the government collects taxes?
    There are very few things in the Constitution that tax money can be spent on. They are defined in Article I Section 8.

    Its like that for a reason.
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    Here's a great example of what government is going to do with the extra money it takes from taxpayers. It's called the Chevy Volt. The Volt may or may not be an "all electric" car, depending on what you read about it. But it is going to cost around $41,000. So the government is going to subsidize those who might actually purchase this, with a tax credit of $7,500 of other people's money. Now, the price of the car is probably out of reach of the average middle class driver. Usually these types of vehicles are snapped up by environmentally aware lefties in higher income brackets who like to show off the fact that they can afford to be green. So, in a sense, the government wants to tax the wealthy more, so that they can subsidize the wealthy in the purchase of this vehicle.

    This illustrates two examples of why the government fails at distributing wealth.
    First, the political strings attached to where the money flows to. This is an obviously partisan payout to the lefty interest groups who insist on action on climate change.

    Second, it's a foolish decision not only for obvious reasons, but because it will really do little for the reduction of green house gases due to the fact that the car will require recharging from electrical outlets that get their power from coal and natural gas powered plants.
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